Fitzgerald & Stapleton

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Make Mine a Double!


Gillie Kleiman's Ophelia is not Dead


Fitzgerald & Stapleton's The Work The Work

at their favourite Dublin pub Anseo, Camden Street

Tickets are only E10 but you must reserve as seating will be strictly limited at this special event and we can not guarantee you a seat unless you email us to make a reservation

contact asap!

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Fitzgerald & Stapleton is a dance theatre company founded and directed by Irish artists Emma Fitzgerald and Áine Stapleton. 

Their work is complex and challenging – displaying an unrelenting and personal intimacy which refuses to be contained within a single narrative or identity. 

The relationship between language and the lived experience is at the heart of Fitzgerald & Stapleton’s choreographic and performance techniques and for every production they create the duo write a text of performance directions known as a score. 

“We use language as a choreographic tool because it allows us to articulate the relationship between the subjective and universal experience and enables us to expand the concept of dance into a third space; each score is a document which can be accessed andexperienced in its own right beyond the immediate performance. We have noticed that dance is often shied away from by the self-proclaimed “non-dance literate” The economic and political weight of words in our culture often disenfranchises individuals from a full experience of their body. By working with language and the body we seek to address this gap and to bridge it.”  Emma Fitzgerald.

The company is continuously accessing new audiences through their use of various media; they have created a choreography for radio “In My Father’s Name” available to download- , and a web-based collaborative choreography with four Irish women ranging in age from eight to sixty-three “MINE” (2010)